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Having years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that we have some ready-made solutions for your business to use so that you can integrate your system with Sage all the more quickly. Take a look at our solutions below to discover how we can support your operations.

Decorus for Sage

With over 25 years of experience in property management and almost as many in Sage, over the years, we’ve developed a series of systems to integrate Sage into property management. Our system creates a seamless process of managing properties and sorting payments with a series of modules customisable to your business, making life easier for landlords, property developers, lettings agents and so many more users in the property sector.

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Fincial for Sage

Fincial is an easy to use financial analytics tool that allows you to analyse and view your Sage data in a browser. Making it easier to analyse those financial decisions from any cloud capable device, such as iPads and other tablets.

Key features

  • Assign Tags to customers, suppliers, departments and projects making it easy to report on different segments of your data.
  • View Profit and Loss reports by Tags with Drill-down analysis
  • View Consolidated Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets for any number of companies
  • View Profit and Loss reports by Period and Nominal
  • View Profit and Loss reports by Department/Project by Period
  • Plus numerous other reports and dashboards upon full release
  Fincial will be in 2024.


What started off as a bit of a fun project, KickAbout.Me is become a great all-round solution for managing your small sided football games.

  • Find games near you
  • Find teams near you
  • Organisers search for available players
  • Record match events
  • Record your fitness and view your heatmap
  • KAPS award your fellow players awards for stand out moments

This is a free for use product under licence from Visionbase Software Limited

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