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Sage Hosting

home away from home

Accessible. Fast.

It's a no-brainer

If you’re looking to access your desktop from any device, anywhere in the world, then Sage Hosting with us at Visionbase is for you. Remote desktops are supported on Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows, and our fabulous customer service team will be on hand to support you at every step, from setting up new remote users to installing new applications. Thanks to the Cloud, you don’t need much to get started, either. Once we’ve sorted your remote desktop client, all you’ll need when starting out with our Sage Hosting is an Internet connection.

Be on the cutting edge of technology

There is no need to upgrade your IT infrastructure as we connect you to the Cloud, so any hardware upgrades are quick and painless. This means you can wave goodbye to wasted hours transferring data to your new computers when your old ones become outdated.

Be Protected

Advanced Features from Visionbase

The Automatic Failover feature switches out faulty or failing hardware, making sure that your Cloud server can glide on with ease. This means that a single point of failure, such as an in-house server or a PC not being accessible, is close to non-existent, and the risk of downtime is significantly reduced.

Vision of the future,

And of the past

You don’t need to worry about your files, either. With our Sage Hosting solution, shadow copies are configured as standard, meaning you have the freedom to change your mind on your edits by reverting to previous versions of your documents. Your work will also be backed-up off-site with Microsoft Azure to ensure complete disaster proofing. This comes as standard with all of our packages, as we know how important your files are, and we want you to be absolutely sure that they aren’t going anywhere.

We're the Shield of the Cloud

Here at Visionbase, security is our priority. Every single one of our servers is armed with dual layer configured firewalls and strict active directory account policies, so you know that you’re the only one with the key to unlock your data. When you become a part of the Visionbase family, you can expect consistent performance in all your applications, thanks to modern processors and Solid State Hard Drives across the board. All software updates are carried out by us right here at Visionbase, so if you have any software that needs updating, there’s no need to wait. Our support team are always here to help.

No Sudden Costs

We’ll always let you know if you’re running low on resources, and we’ll keep you in the loop if we feel you’ll benefit from additional resources, so you’re never caught out by sudden increased hosting costs.

Cancel Anytime

Our knowledgeable IT support team takes our hosting solution to the next level. You can come to our team with any IT worries and we’ll talk you through a solution, on a personal level. We also offer training and development so you can make sure your team is up to scratch in the world of Sage. Here at Visionbase, there’s no contract. You can cancel at any time, but with our impeccable service, we don’t think you’ll want to.

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